This image is the cover for the book Second Chances - Book 2

Second Chances - Book 2

Mike Davis, who is the star of the story, starts to find his faith as he starts to get back to his Christian roots. He starts to remember what his parents taught him when he was young. He also struggles to figure out a way by which to come to terms with the gang that is after him and friend Kathy, who he is hoping will soon be more than a friend. As Mike starts to renew his faith, he will have to decide the best way in which to deal with the gang that is after him, and talk to Kathy about what he hopes will progress their relationship.

Billy J Roberts II

Billy J Roberts II moved to Greenville Ca when he was in high school. When he was a child he often wrote stories, but went away from writing for a while, and got back to it as a young adult, with the encouragement of parents and grandparents. He never thought that he would be successful in writing until he took a creative writing course, and started to renew the enjoyment of writing that he had as a child. It was a great joy when his first book Second Chances was published. Now he spends most of his time reading, writing, and enjoys watching tv shows and movies.

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