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Prayer Powered Entrepreneur

“A practical and powerful resource for any business owner who desires to do business led and empowered by God.”—Shae Bynes, author of The Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur’s Guide

While Christian entrepreneurs start their days with prayer, the hustle and bustle of running their own businesses quickly takes focus away from their vital partnership with the almighty God. As a result, prayers for business are often broad, unfocused, and strictly tied to the entrepreneur’s vision of ideal results. The Prayer Powered Entrepreneur model walks entrepreneurs through 31 days of recognizing God as CEO through an inside-out system of praying for transformation: In themselvesTheir relationship with GodTheir relationship with othersTheir relationship with their businessCulminating in praying for the impact they want their business to have in the world.  
Kim Avery encourages entrepreneurs to keep God at the center of everything, praying in alignment with the things He has already promised, and anticipating His daily activity in their lives. During this month-long journey, business owners learn how to build a better business, live a better life, and make a bigger impact—all through the simple practice of inside-out prayer.

“Kim Avery gives everyone who is called into such an entrepreneurial challenge a wealth of wisdom and an easy-to-implement practical tool to keep one going. Don’t miss out on The Prayer Powered Entrepreneur! One does not have to face this challenge alone.”—Bob Allums, director of A Praying Life Seminars from seeJesus Ministries,

“A gold mine of inspiration, encouragement, and next steps toward a deeper relationship with God.”—Marnie Swedberg, international leadership mentor & conference speaker

Kim Avery, Dan Miller

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