This image is the cover for the book Abdominal-Pelvic Imaging

Abdominal-Pelvic Imaging

Maybe we have an obsession for cases, but when we were resident in radiology, we loved to learn especially from cases not only because they are short, exciting and fun, similar to a detective story in which the aim is to get to ‘the bottom’ of the case, but also because, in the end, that’s what radiologists are faced with during their daily work.
The topics covered in the book represent the common and important diseases encountered in abdominal and pelvic imaging. The material presented for each case provides a thorough and comprehensive description of the disease entity, enabling the radiologist or the clinician to develop a clear concept of the entity through the different imaging modalities that are present. What is interesting in this book is one case per page. The book can be used as a means of rapid revision of a large number of cases in a short time or as test of knowledge by masking the radiological description and diagnosis and trying by using the clinical data and radiological images to describe first the pathology then propose a diagnosis.

Ammar Haouimi

Dr. Ammar Haouimi is a French trained internationally renowned radiologist and educator. His authored publications are: - Radiology for FRCR and MRCP 111 Cases - Neuroradiology for FRCR and MRCP 111 Cases - Pediatric Radiology Case Report 111 Common Cases - Atlas of Pediatric Radiology 200 Common Cases - Atlas of Neuroradiology 200 Common Cases Those publications were very successful and were enthusiastically welcomed by candidates appearing for Royal College Examinations. Like all previous publications, the current “Abdominal-Pelvic Imaging” will no doubt be another exceptional one. This book will not only be extremely helpful for residents, but also for referring physicians and practicing radiologists internationally.

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