This image is the cover for the book Reimagining the Analogia Entis, Interventions (INT)

Reimagining the Analogia Entis, Interventions (INT)

In 1932 German theologian and philosopher Erich Przywara penned his Analogia Entis, a vision of the analogy of being and a metaphysical exploration of the dynamic between God and creation. A translation into English in 2014 made Przywara’s brilliant and influential work available to more people than ever before. 

In this book Philip Gonzales calls English-speaking readers to embrace the Christian treasure of the Analogia Entis and to reimagine what it offers Christians today. Gonzales brings Przywara’s text into dialogue with debates in contemporary philosophy and theology, engaging in conversation with Edith Stein, Karl Barth, Martin Heidegger, the Nouvelle théologie, Vatican II, and leading figures in postmodern theology and the Continental turn to religion. The first book of its kind in English, Reimagining the “Analogia Entis” articulates a Christian vision of being for the postmodern era.

Philip John Paul Gonzales, Cyril O'Regan

Philip John Paul Gonzales is an assistant professor of philosophy at the University of Dallas. He is the editor of Exorcising Philosophical Modernity: Cyril O'Regan and Christian Discourse after Modernity and the author of numerous articles, book chapters, and reviews.

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