This image is the cover for the book Boss, Don't be Pretending, Volume 1

Boss, Don't be Pretending, Volume 1

As the successor of social science, Yu Sheng had always believed in the belief in science and opposed feudal superstition. From July onwards, all sorts of ghosts appeared and even stepped into the gates of hell, opening the gates of a new world from then on. Early stage. "There's a ghost!" Yu Sheng grabbed onto Lu Jingqing in fright, as he cried out pitifully in a weak voice, "There's a ghost!" Have you never seen a ghost before? " Lu Tianqing answered. Today, he was once again a stand-alone representative who was cold and unfeeling in order to train his future wife. Yu Sheng: The strong I don't cry. Mid-term. "Yes." Yu Sheng was nervous as he fought against the incoming ghosts. Ten minutes later. I couldn't win, so I slipped away. " He nimbly hid behind Lu Zhiqing. Lu Tianqing raised his chin, his face closing in as he gave a long kiss, "Hide yourself well." Finally. Yu Sheng stared at the reckless ghost in front of him indifferently. He yawned and handed over the snacks in his hand. "Spicy gluten?" The walking ghost banner, with the big boss who pretended to be weak chicken, ghost during the investigation of the love.

Zi Jianqing, Lemon Novel