This image is the cover for the book Berea, Images of Modern America

Berea, Images of Modern America

Among southwest Cleveland suburbs, Berea, a community of 19,000, is unique. Berea was once called "The Sandstone Capital of the World," but the area's quarrying industry ceased in the mid-20th century. Immigrant quarrymen and their descendants remained, adding an eclectic and resilient mix to the academic atmosphere. Where blasting once shook the quarries, a pleasant area of lakes, trails, and picnic spots now delights residents and visitors alike. The historic home of the town's first doctor enjoys new life as a bed-and-breakfast, contemporary architecture integrates a historic church as part of the university, a wind turbine generates power for the fairgrounds, and community gardens offer produce to local food pantries.

Patricia M. Mote, Susan Lee

Patricia M. Mote has written three books in Arcadia Publishing's Images of America series: Berea, Columbus (Indiana), and Cleveland's Playhouse Square. She set her novel, Upon the Rock, in Berea in 1896. Photographs taken by Susan Lee also appear in Cleveland's Playhouse Square and Legendary Locals of Berea. Special credit goes to the Berea Historical Society and the City of Berea for the use of their files.

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