This image is the cover for the book Apocalypse Dawn

Apocalypse Dawn

Revelation, the culminating book of the Bible has inspired, intrigued, or just plain puzzled readers for almost 2,000 years. It remains enigmatic to many. However, once his intricate codes are cracked open, St John unveils its inexhaustible treasures to the inquiring mind–be it that of a theologian or an unlettered observer. The book is not really a compendium of conundrums at all. It was not written in order to remain within a folded scroll on a hidden shelf. It was meant to be read and understood, to be absorbed, shared and declared, for it offers God’s answer to the perplexities encountered by humankind be they endemic to the 1st, 21st, or any century in between. Revelation–The Apocalypse–is exactly what its title intends it to be: it is a revelation, a peeling back of the mystery to disclose God’s great and eternal plan of redemption. This is, actually, the subject matter of the entire Bible – from Genesis to Revelation – and the news, ultimately, is good. Apocalypse Dawn is written to endorse the validity of God’s word for every age–yesterday, today and, tomorrow. You are invited to lift the veil: discover the ultimate Revelation!

Lucille L Turfrey

Lucille Turfrey was born and raised in the Huon valley in southern Tasmania. Following tertiary education, Lucille became an art teacher. A change of vocation later found her engaged in youth ministries as a Salvation Army officer with a remit that included camping, congresses, leadership training and writing manuals for youth leaders, and also booklets on basic theology. Lucille was then appointed principal of the officer training college in southern Australia. International service found her involved in ministry in Scotland before being appointed to Russia, again as training principal. It is in retirement that Lucille has taken up pen and paintbrush to illustrate the truths, the principles and practice that have been her life’s focus, formula and foundation.

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