This image is the cover for the book Rebirth


Ayumi Drevis is a regular middle school student with an incorrigible knack for causing trouble. But all that changes when she opens up a book and slips into the fantasy world of Rebirth, filled with magical creatures and foul-tempered humans, who are trying to take off her head! Along the way, she and her friends are tasked with locating the three divine instruments and battling the evil forces known as “Nightmares,” many of which were former children. By putting her life on the line, Ayumi must use every ounce of courage and face the demons that haunt her visions in order to save everyone and return home.

Rachel Palmer

YOUR FUJO GIRL Some of these terms may not seem true about young and social media influencer Rachel Palmer (aka Kyubi). What is true is that she wrote her heart out on the pages of her bedroom floor, hoping to publish a book for her fans going through a similar situation to what her characters grow up to experience. “The best thing about storytelling is that you have a framework of emotions, and you can fill in the blanks with pieces of your own life. I think I’m good at knowing how young teenagers feel, how I feel, and being able to capture that in the fantasy genre.” Her story will make you LAUGH and SOB for absolutely no reason at all, especially if you’re a hard-core anime watcher or manga reader. Trust me, you’ll want her to write the second book soon. Find Rachel on YouTube and Instagram: @Kyubifujo For business enquires and fanart only:

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