This image is the cover for the book King Crumble Won't Sleep

King Crumble Won't Sleep

King Crumble is a stubborn chocolate chip cookie. He does not like to share, play, or take his milk baths. Most of all, he does not like to go to sleep. One night, King Crumble has a brilliant idea. He decides to get rid of bedtime once and for all! He gathers together a batch of cookies to battle sleep alongside him. Will King Crumble and his friends be able to fight off their fatigue?

Tania Habib

Tania started writing poetry and short stories at a very young age. Her work has won numerous awards and prizes. She continued excelling in written art at Johns Hopkins University. After spending several years raising her two toddlers, King Crumble Won’t Sleep is her first exciting adventure in the world of publication. She currently lives in Baltimore.