This image is the cover for the book This is Me, Bipolar-Free

This is Me, Bipolar-Free

A transformational journey of healing for people coping with bipolar disorder.

This Is Me, Bipolar-Free offers readers relief from their mental illness and helps them no longer be controlled by it. Traditional therapy and medications can be effective, but many still suffer from fear of the next relapse—and need a beacon of hope to help fully heal them from their disorder. 

Within This Is Me, Bipolar Free, readers learn that true healing is truly possible, finding joy is a part of the healing process, how to use food and supplements to heal the bring one’s body back into balance, and so much more. Kate LaBrosse guides readers through a journey of transformation and healing. In addition, This Is Me, Bipolar-Free is a course to help one fully heal their disorder and find the true power within.

Kate LaBrosse

Kate LaBrosse, an author and motivational speaker, is trained in presence-based coaching. Kate healed her bipolar disorder naturally and uses the knowledge gained from that experience, coaching skills, background in the natural products industry, and spiritual abilities to support people in healing and transforming their own lives. Kate resides in Saint Paul, MN.

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