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70 Days of Pleasure, Days of Pleasure Series

Dallas Avery and Alicia Mitchell are off to Nashville, Tennessee for business and pleasure. Unfortunately, the past returns to haunt the basketball superstar and puts both in imminent danger.

Conway Ackerman has spent the last five years in prison, charged with aggravated stalking of the athlete early in his career. A bitter man with a sordid past, and a psychotic personality, Ackerman has recently been let out of prison and has set a course that will exact the perfect revenge.

While Dallas is aware of the convict's release, he keeps Alicia in the dark. The stage is set for a myriad of adventures, which will extend to the iconic Beale Street in Memphis, but danger is in the midst. A race against time ensues as the couple is tracked from place to place. Will they survive or meet their demise at the hands of a man whose mental state is deadly?

Each Pleasures book is a standalone, NO cliffhangers

USA TODAY, and National Bestselling Authors take you on amazing journey with NBA Basketball Star, Dallas Avery, and Alicia Mitchell, a woman who is as mysterious as she is beautiful.
Follow this unlikely couple as they travel to exotic places such as Paris, Durabia, Caribbean, Scotland and many others. Each story embroils them in a new set of challenges and adventure as they navigate their way to love.

Book 1–10 Days of Pleasure by Stephanie M. Freeman
Book 2–20 Days of Pleasure by J. L. Campbell
Book 3–30 Days of Pleasure by Sierra Kay
Book 4–40 Days of Pleasure by Martha Kennerson and Stephanie M. Freeman
Book 5–50 Days of Pleasure by Anita L. Roseboro and Michelle D. Rayford
Book 6–60 Days of Pleasure by Vanessa
Book 7–70 Days of Pleasure by Christine Pauls
Book 8–80 Days of Pleasure by Aiken Ponder
Book 9–90 Days of Pleasure by Marie L. McKenzie and Naleighna Kai
Book 10—Open Door Marriage by Naleighna Kai

Christine Pauls

Christine Pauls a native of Wilmington, DE is the author of To Begin Again, Belinda's Song, One Good Thing, Love for Granted, Never Too Late which is her newest release. She penned her first novel in 2012. The mother of two and grandmother of three is an accountant by day in the banking industry. She is also a book reviewer and beta-reader when requested. You can find her books on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, independent bookstores and public libraries.

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