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The Godless Good

Kristen is now herself God, but it doesn't seem to be doing either her or her beloved comrades any good. With Michelle and Kylie still lost in time, Mary and Evelyn struggle to first find them and then restore their lineages. The future must be enlisted to save the past, yet mythic figures from that same past begin to show up and question the character of their souls. Kristen's apparent arch-nemesis leads her on a wild cross-temporal chase through past lives and alternate existences alike, tainted with both bad conscience and suppressed memories. Mike's spirit, now ensconced in the body of his distant ancestor who was also Kristen's lover, is charged with keeping it all together just long enough so that a full half of their indomitable team can meet their startling destinies. "The epic narrative of Kristen-Seraphim boils over as Loewen's heroes attain legendary status in this hammer and tongs tale of multiple deaths and resurrections. Just when you're sure you know who's doing what… But if you've ever had to confront your deepest, darkest secret, you will know the dangers to be faced within Book 3." (From the publisher) Praise for Book 2: "The New Self-Reliance is as much about the recovery process as it is another step in Kristen's evolutionary process. As such, it documents her changed life and ongoing struggles as she faces both outer demons and inner growth potential. On many levels, Book 2 of the Kristen-Seraphim saga is a demanding yet exciting read that expands the characters created in Forgetting the Dreamtime, adding moral, ethical and spiritual conundrums alike into a vivid story that rests on the actions of young adults who find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. (Or, is it the right place?) Mature teens, particularly those who have a foundation to begin with from Kristen's first adventure, will find The New Self-Reliance complex, compelling, and hard to put down." - Diane Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Mid-West Book Reviews

G. V. Loewen

Social philosopher G. V. Loewen is the author of over thirty-five books in ethics, aesthetics, religion and social theory, as well as the ten-volume Kristen-Seraphim Saga, in which many of his ideas are communicated for a more general readership. -------------------------

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