This image is the cover for the book Heart That Sees God

Heart That Sees God


What if everything you think you know about the Sermon on the Mount has only scratched the surface?

This book will challenge you to embrace the process of change so that you can live an authentic, fulfilled, and intimate life with God.

The Sermon on the Mount is more than a list of blessings—it’s the recipe to becoming who God created you to be. Francis Frangipane invites you to remove the blinders from your heart and take a fresh new look at the only full sermon of Jesus ever recorded. Revisit Jesus's teaching and discover the amazing and life-transforming truths hidden behind the words He shared as He saw the multitudes gathering that day and led them on a journey from seeing their own needs to seeing God.

Known for messages that lead you straight to the heart of God and deepen your relationship with Him, Frangipane’s writing not only reveals the mysteries of Jesus’s sermon he also reveals the true condition of your heart as he challenges you to embrace the process of change that is the only way to live the authentic, fulfilling, intimate Christian life you’ve always wanted to live.

Jesus never intended for us to think of this sermon as a list of blessings; He intended it as a progression of spiritual realities that leads us to become all God wants us to be. Rediscover Jesus’s words and begin the journey that will transform your life and change your world.

Frangipane Francis

Francis Frangipane is founding pastor of River of Life Ministries in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, which he began in 1989. He is in great demand as an international conference speaker and has written many best-selling books, including the hugely popular The Three Battlegrounds. Pastor Frangipane partners with the SkyAngel satellite network for a half-hour weekly television program, In Christ’s Image, which is distributed to more than two hundred nations through GOD TV.

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