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Wright Sites

A comprehensive guide to Frank Lloyd Wright-designed buildings open to the public—with travel itineraries and information on seventy-four sites.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s groundbreaking designs, innovative construction techniques, and inviting interiors continue to astound and inspire generations of architects and design aficionados. Covering all the publicly accessible sites across the United States—plus four in Japan—Wright Sites describes the design ideas and history behind each building.

The volume also includes suggested destination itineraries for Wright road trips, a list of archives, and a selected bibliography. This revised edition features twenty sites newly opened to the public, up to date descriptions and access information, and new color photographs of each site.

The introduction is written by Jack Quinan, a founding member of the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy and author of Frank Lloyd Wright's Martin House.

Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy, Joel Hoglund

The Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy is an international nonprofit organization whose mission is to save Wright-designed buildings from destruction and neglect, as well as educate the public about the architect's influential role in American history and culture. Based in Chicago, Wright's adopted city, the conservancy "facilitates the preservation and maintenance of the remaining structures designed by Frank Lloyd Wright through education, advocacy, preservation easements, and technical services."Jack Quinan, the introducer, is a founding member of the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy, a retired professor of art history at SUNY Buffalo, and the author of two books on Wright's work: Frank Lloyd Wright's Buffalo Venture (Pomegranate, 2012) and Frank Lloyd Wright's Martin House: Architecture as Portraiture (PAP, 2004).Joel Hoglund is the Communications and Events Manager of the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy.

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