This image is the cover for the book Joy of Sketch

Joy of Sketch

Using simple exercises, rediscover the pleasure you got from childhood drawing, before you became too self-conscious and self-critical to enjoy it.

As we grow up, somehow we learn that drawing is hard and there are all sorts of rules about colour and perspective that stifle our creativity. This book is here to remind you of the joy you once found in creating, scribbling, getting something down on paper—and that it’s more about the process than the result. This accessible guide takes you by the hand, breaks down the barriers to sketching, and shows you how to build your confidence and skills to draw spontaneously, with nothing more than the things around you for inspiration. Through a series of simple exercises, you will learn how to sketch everyday items, people and places, using simple watercolour techniques to add colour to your sketchbooks.

Jen Russell-Smith

Jen Russell-Smith is a Surrey-based illustrator creating pen & ink drawings and watercolours inspired by beautiful houses, homes and buildings, and occasionally other things. Her style is sketchy, informal and relaxed.

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