This image is the cover for the book Money Shot

Money Shot

Having a Massive Revenue Strategy™ is critical to athletes heading into the pros; The International Center for Athletic Financial Development™ is the foundation where college and professional athletes find guidance to develop powerful financial strategies that allow them to fully enjoy their earnings both now and in the future. This book is a compilation of those strategies. Dr. Gifford brings the difficult and often taboo topic of finances to clients in an easy-to-understand, applicable format; for over 15 years she has helped clients maximize the impact of their success and live their dreams and luxury lifestyles through financial development and efficient resource planning. The Money Shot addresses a unique and underserved market, and provides clear-cut tactics in a voice that is credible.

Crystal D. Gifford, Nick Lowery

Dr. Crystal D. Gifford, CFP is quickly becoming the trusted voice on money and business for professional athletes and six-figure entrepreneurs who use her Massive Revenue Strategy™ to change business and lives. Author of the recently released The Money Makeover, a featured contributor to the international best selling book, The Live Sassy Formula and profiled in CFO Magazine, her dedication to help others create financial freedom has earned her recognition both in financial and business circles across the globe - as she serves up spot on remedies for healthy financial living and worry-free wealth.

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