This image is the cover for the book Apes with Tales

Apes with Tales

No shaman would have predicted that the pleasure and comfort of sharing a fable around a campfire in a cave some hundred-thousand years ago would be such a revolutionary act, a game-changing emergence in the fascinating play of life. Our primitive ancestors would never have foreseen the complex societies to be invented, neither the discontentedness that still drives their change. Humans’ audacious shaping of their environment for convenience led them to expand their perceived domain beyond their planet. Today’s blatant and real question which has to be answered is whether the human cultural ‘blanket’ is large enough to cover the needs of our species. In this work, our basic qualities that brought us thus far and on which we have to rely, for an optimistic outcome from our quandary, are explored.

Dimitri Philippides

Dimitri Philippides holds two degrees, one from Athens University and another from Cambridge University. He has spent his professional life in academia and industry. He currently lives in Athens with his wife and two children.

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