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Thrive in Your Healing Business

Thrive in Your Healing Business helps those who have a profession in the healing arts and facing healer burnout bring back the joy to their healing work.

A profession in the healing arts allows one to live their passion, but the rarely-spoken secret of healer life is that it often feels lonely and depleting. After a full day of giving to clients or patients, healers may come home feeling too exhausted to enjoy time with family or friends. Add to the mix the pressures of running a business, and one has the recipe for healer burnout. The good news is that there is another way. Heather L. Glidden, a healing arts practitioner and business owner for fifteen years, shows readers the techniques needed to balance a business in the healing arts with a healthy life. In Thrive in Your Healing Business, readers learn:
How to replenish their own energyHow to get even better results for their clients How to hold healthier boundaries without having to say "no" And Much More!

Learn how to live a healthy and passionate life while doing the work of healing with Thrive in Your Healing Business.

Heather Glidden, Michelle Segar

Heather Glidden is an integrative coach, a healing movement specialist, and the owner of multiple successful healing arts studios. Her own struggles with burn-out while running her first studio launched her on a quest to learn how to balance the healing work that she felt called to do with a healthy life outside the studio. Heather lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan with her husband and two dogs.

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