This image is the cover for the book Earth Angel

Earth Angel

The beautiful Eva da Silva was something of a soul seeker. She wanted to make a difference in the lives of others by showing love. The unexpected appearance of the mysterious and attractive RJ literally on her doorstep did not prepare her for what that would take. Someone was watching RJ, and a dangerous man wanted him dead. Needless to say, RJ was a complicated man with a complicated life. He had almost died, and the woman who had saved him was going to make it even more complicated. He had serious matters he had to take care of, and Eva da Silva was a distraction he didn’t need; however beautiful and welcome. Eva had family issues to worry about. What she didn’t need or was prepared for was the deep and unexpected attraction she felt for RJ, his questionable life, or the turmoil that she was about to experience because of it. Eva’s faith was about to be tested. RJ’s world came with violence, repressed anger, a burdensome guilt, huge responsibilities, and old buried secrets. He would have to be successful in his mission, and then get his life and those of others on the right track. Doors of long ago would have to be unlocked, past sins would have to be faced, and deep secrets would have to be revealed. This is a story of faith, of second chances, and the desperate quest of love. Eva saved RJ’s life, but can a soul seeker also save a lost soul?

Lola Moore

Lola Moore has always loved reading and writing from a young age. Having gone on to study and briefly practice law, she now enjoys writing fiction with a passion for the romance genre. When she’s not working, writing, or spending time with her family, she’s usually engaged in reading a book. She believes that a good book is entertainment for the heart and mind.
Her hobbies, besides reading and writing, are cooking, organising, watching films, and socialising with family and friends. Lola lives happily in the South East of England with her husband and two daughters.

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