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5th Witch

“Black magic, mobsters and evil witches hold La La Land hostage, making Masterton’s latest batch of chills and chuckles scarier than a writers’ strike.” —Publishers Weekly

From Graham Masterton, the bestselling author of the Katie Maguire series, comes an unputdownable story of a deadly alliance between LA gangsters and terrifying witches . . .

A ruthless new crime syndicate holds Los Angeles in a grip of terror. Anyone who opposes it suffers a horrible death . . . but not at human hands.

Bizarre accidents, sudden illnesses, inexplicable and gruesome deaths: the mobsters will stop at nothing to eliminate their enemies. Every bloody step of the way, their companions are four mysterious women, witches who wield more power than the gangsters could ever dream of.

With the help of his mysteriously gifted neighbor, Annie Conjure, Detective Dan Fisher must fight both the LAPD’s skepticism and this chilling new power. And at the heart of the nightmare lies the final puzzle, the secret of . . . The 5th Witch.

For readers of Angela Clarke, Peter James and Stephen King, this gripping novel from the legendary Graham Masterton will leave you reeling.

Praise for the writing of Graham Masterton

“The living inheritor to the realm of Edgar Allan Poe.” —San Francisco Chronicle

“Masterton is a crowd-pleaser, filling his pages with sparky, appealing dialogue and visceral gore.” —Time Out

“One of the most original and frightening storytellers of our time.” —Peter James, #1 bestselling author of Dead Simple

“A true master of the horror genre.” —James Herbert, bestselling author of The Rats

Graham Masterton

Graham Masterton was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1946. He worked as a newspaper reporter before taking over joint editorship of the British editions of Penthouse and Penthouse Forum magazines. His debut novel, The Manitou, was published in 1976 and sold over one million copies in its first six months. It was adapted into the 1978 film starring Tony Curtis, Susan Strasberg, Stella Stevens, Michael Ansara, and Burgess Meredith. Since then, Masterton has written over seventy-five horror novels, thrillers, and historical sagas, as well as published four collections of short stories and edited Scare Care, an anthology of horror stories for the benefit of abused children. He and his wife, Wiescka, have three sons. They live in Cork, Ireland, where Masterton continues to write.

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