This image is the cover for the book Amaly Kamal Fahmy – Flower’s Admirer – The Full Art Collection

Amaly Kamal Fahmy – Flower’s Admirer – The Full Art Collection

لم ترحل كيف ترحل و بصماتك هنا ترسم لمساتكم تفوح بعبق أنفاسك و أحساسك لا تغيب أبدا من كانت أحلامها تزين إطار الإبداع You didn’t leave How can you just leave with the influence you have? Drawing light from your torch Smelling your breath and feel Never ever leave Who was her dream? Adorned with creativity

Amaly Kamal Fahmy

With her fingers and painting brush, she depicted her own perception of positivity and beauty; Amaly Kamal Fahmi, the flower’s passionate, loved nature, and used exhilarating colors to reflect her soul’s purity and heart’s goodness. Truth is not what you see with your eyes but what you feel inside. Beautiful minds tend to see beauty everywhere, since beauty always lies in the eyes of the beholder. The full artistic work of Amaly Kamal Fahmi (may her soul rest in peace). Bodies perish but souls remain immortal through their achievements. The full journey of an artist in the world of arts and colors. – Her daughter Al Shaima Taleb Hussein

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