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Baxter Letters

Terror places its stamp on a woman unwittingly caught up in a dangerous game in this gripping thriller from the author of A Collection of Strangers.

Jennifer Burch is just a small-town midwestern girl trying to stay afloat in New York City with her husband, a struggling playwright. But an odd request from her Uncle Baxter promises some relief. Always the black sheep of the family, he’s asked Jennifer to hand-deliver one of the letters he left with her when he last visited—and he’s sent her $300 for her trouble. Since they could use the money, Jennifer complies. But the man she gives it to is soon found dead, stabbed in the lobby of her own apartment building.

Asked to deliver another letter for some more money, Jennifer’s suspicions grow. Something happened a long time ago in Central America that connects Baxter to the letter recipients. And now they’re fearing for their lives. Jennifer’s had enough, but her husband hasn’t. He thinks there’s more money to be made if they play their cards right. The only way out now is to uncover the truth—about an international conspiracy of deadly proportions . . .

Praise for Dolores Hitchens

“High-grade suspense.” —San Francisco Chronicle on Stairway to an Empty Room/Terror Lurks in Darkness

“Dolores Hitchens wrote crime novels that were both tough and compassionate, with a sharp eye for the emotional scars that violence leaves.” —MysteryTribune

“Almost unbearable suspense . . . Holds the reader to the last punctuation mark.” —Greensboro News & Record on The Grudge

Dolores Hitchens

Dolores Hitchens (1907–1973) was a highly prolific mystery author who wrote under multiple pseudonyms and in a range of styles. A large number of her books were published under the moniker D. B. Olsen, and a few under the pseudonyms Noel Burke and Dolan Birkley, but she is perhaps best remembered today for her later novel, Fool’s Gold, published under her own name, which was adapted into the film Bande á part directed by Jean-Luc Godard.

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