This image is the cover for the book Evolve


Evolve is the go-to guide to help readers become the leaders they have always wanted to be and move forward and transcend their career fears.

In today’s world, doubts and questions about one’s career path can be paralyzing. The search to discover whether or not one is still in love with their corporate job or if it’s time to move to the entrepreneurial life can be difficult. Evolve helps readers discover how to navigate this journey and answer the tough questions along the way with clarity.

In Evolve, Ydalmis Carrasco combines strategic actions, real-life experiences, and humor to guide readers to their maximum career potential. She provides the step-by-step process to better understanding leadership opportunities and helps readers choose their career path so that they can focus on financial stability. Within its pages, readers learn how to identify if they have a healthy work-life balance, prepare their bank account for their final career decision, develop the ability to persist when no one is watching, and so much more. Ydalmis combines strategic actions, real-life experiences, and humor to help readers move their career in the right direction.

Ydalmis Carrasco, Celimar Adames Casalduc

Ydalmis Carrasco possesses over twenty years of experience working in the pharmaceutical, medical device, and biologics industries on communication, commercial operations, and marketing for Fortune 500 companies. Originally from Puerto Rico, Ydlamis now resides in Weston, Florida.

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