This image is the cover for the book Some Bodies Need a Little Help

Some Bodies Need a Little Help

Every body is a good body, no matter what kind of help they may need! Sometimes, the differences that make us unique cause us to need a little extra help to do things others don’t need help with, and that’s okay. It’s important to love our bodies and all the quirks that come with them! In Some Bodies Need a Little Help, get to know people just like you who love their bodies, even if their bodies may not look or work like you may expect. Every body is special and worthy of celebrating, even if one needs a little extra help sometimes!

S. F. Harris

Sydney Harris grew up in Santa Claus, Indiana. Her zealous personality makes her a stranger to no one, and she is passionate about making everyone around her feel loved. At the University of Southern Indiana, Sydney earned her Bachelor’s of Social Work, and she has earned her Master’s of Education in Mental Health Practices in Schools from the University of Missouri. Some Bodies Need a Little Help, her debut book, cultivates her passion for inclusion and acceptance. “Inclusivity matters. Especially amongst children.”