This image is the cover for the book Three Titles

Three Titles

Three Titles will captivate and entertain you. It will also make you feel.
'Written from Heaven' will take you to a country church where you will find Wren trapped within its walls, forced to face all truths about her life before she can be truly free, in every sense of the word.
'Sanctuary' will introduce you to Dr Pascale Miner, a retired psychiatrist, who has moved her life miles away from the familiar, alone. But will she stay in her loneliness very long?
'The Stories Live On' is a must read for the stories to live on. Carolyn has experienced the pain of rejection and has survived the truth.

Ginette Therrien

Ginette is a solitary person who resides in Cape Breton, Canada, God's country. Ginette is retired, happily divorced woman, whose love of nature is second only to her love for animals. She believes in the power of words and uses them wisely and respectfully.

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