This image is the cover for the book Taking Back Our Food Supply

Taking Back Our Food Supply

Seven steps you can take NOW to ignite a local food revolution and help reverse the devastation of the industrial food system!

Our food supply has been hijacked by an unholy alliance of multinational corporations in big agriculture, big food, and big pharma. This industrial food complex is destroying our natural food supply, making us less healthy, and rapidly destroying the biosphere. Restoring food sovereignty and security is one of the most important causes of our time—requiring nothing less than a grassroots revolution.

In Taking Back Our Food Supply, Michael Brownlee shows readers how to master the seven steps of building a resilient regional foodshed and illustrates how to ignite the local food revolution in their community to a radically increased impact, effectiveness, and scale.

Michael Brownlee

Michael Brownlee has been working at the front lines of the local food movement for more than a decade, supporting individuals and groups in building regional food systems. He is the author of The Local Food Revolution. A Colorado native, Brownlee lives in Boulder, with his partner, where they operate Local Food Catalysts LLC, an online publishing and events company supporting emerging leaders in the unfolding local food revolution.

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