This image is the cover for the book Mediterranean Slow Cooker Cookbook

Mediterranean Slow Cooker Cookbook

“Phillips explores traditional recipes that call for tagines, clay pots, and copper stockpots, and modernizes them with her favorite electric appliance.” —Publishers Weekly

Savor the unforgettable flavors of the Mediterranean using a slow cooker! These eighty recipes are devoted to such iconic dishes as Beef in Barolo from Italy, Braised Basque Chicken from Spain, Bouillabaisse from France, and Spicy Tagines from Morocco. With a source guide for unusual ingredients and helpful streamlined techniques, these slow-cooked specialties are simple to make and even easier to eat.

Recipes include: Greek Egg and Lemon Soup Syrian-Style Lamb with Saffron Turkey au Vin Halibut Provençal Paella Valenciana Lasagna Bolognese Frittata Creamy French Onion Soup Ratatouille And more

Diane Phillips, Tara Donne