This image is the cover for the book Hypochondriac's Handbook

Hypochondriac's Handbook

A humorous guide to understanding all that can affect your well-being, from germs to the healthcare industry.

Feeling good? Are you sure? This hilarious guide—a sequel to the bestselling Paranoid’s Pocket Guide—is guaranteed to make you wonder. With hundreds of symptoms to watch for and in-depth information on the latest germ mutations, this compendium offers compelling proof that there is always something to worry about, even if you seem to be in perfect shape. A must-have for today’s health-conscious individual, it also reveals worrisome facts about doctors and insurance companies. It’s packed with black-and-white photos documenting everyday items that can menace your health—often seemingly “harmless” items such as a pencil or a water fountain. Fortunately, this book will make you laugh, which releases endorphins and promotes health—for the moment. For soundness of body and mind, read The Hypochondriac’s Handbook. Better safe than sorry!

Wendy Marston

Wendy Marston is obsessed with health. She has written on health for the New York Times Magazine , Newsweek , and the Washington Post , and is a former contributing editor at Health . She lives in New York City.