This image is the cover for the book The Binding: A Matter of Timing, The Binding Trilogy

The Binding: A Matter of Timing, The Binding Trilogy

Sequel to The Binding: Someone to Depend On
The Binding Trilogy: Book Two

When human couple Javier and Robin have a relationship-threatening disagreement about raising a family, the benevolent Felan Council dispatches newly trained Rilke to help them sort it out. But the Felan Council doesn’t know Rilke has problems of her own.

Somehow Rilke has developed a psychic bond to Gimle, the founder of the bond on which the Felan culture is based. Thousands of years ago, he bonded with a human man named Isa. Now Rilke sees their passionate love story firsthand through her dreams—but the dreams differ greatly from the Felan teachings. Convinced she must be crazy, Rilke flounders in her quest to help Javier and Robin communicate and struggles to find the confidence to tell the Felan Council what she’s learned.

Leora Stark