This image is the cover for the book Fires of Patriotism

Fires of Patriotism

The little-known history of Alaska’s participation in World War I—long before it became a state—includes photos.

In the early twentieth century, Alaska was facing an exciting future as the newest US territory. Yet just five years after its official designation, the country entered World War I and citizens were called to fight. Despite the threat of a looming economic collapse, Alaska sent more people per capita to war than any other state and displayed a patriotism that rivaled that of any of the states.

The Fires of Patriotism explores Alaska’s wartime experience, bringing to light new stories and new characters from a decade that shook the world. This multifaceted book explores the era through engaging stories and rare photos, offering a fresh perspective on World War I from a marginal land that forged its place in the greater unity of the country.

Preston Jones

Preston Jones has published scholarly works as well as general history texts. Jones has taught at the high school and university level. He has been a professor of history at John Brown University in Arkansas since 2003, teaching numerous courses, including Latin, British Empire, U. S. History, Western Civilization, and Great Books classes. His first book with the University of Alaska Press was Empire’s Edge: American Society in Nome, Alaska, 1898–1934 (2007).

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