This image is the cover for the book Pharmacist


“The best book I have read . . . totally believable whilst taking you by surprise . . . kept me up till all hours as I had to finish it!” —Beech Close, five star review

A woman’s mind begins to spiral as she tries to sort out truth, lies, and mysteries about her family in a novel by the bestselling author of Abduction.

Alice’s husband is missing. Has he left her for another woman, or has something more sinister happened? In a world that is becoming increasingly muddled, Alice is unsure whom she can trust. Even her daughter appears to be lying to her. How much heartache can one person endure?

As strange things begin to happen, Alice struggles to separate reality from fantasy—and to make sense of a mystery surrounding Millie, her beautiful five-year-old granddaughter. Sometimes it takes a stranger to help. And sometimes you need a detective . . .

Gillian Jackson

Bloodhound Books