This image is the cover for the book Georgia Place-Names From Jot-em-Down to Doctortown

Georgia Place-Names From Jot-em-Down to Doctortown

Ever wonder how Rough and Ready got its name? Or what Stonesthrow is a stone's throw from? And surely the story behind Climax can't beā€¦that thrilling, can it? The curious Georgian can't help pondering the seemingly endless supply of head-scratching place names that dot this state. Luckily, the intrepid Cathy Kaemmerlen stands ready to unravel the enigmas--Enigma is, in fact, a Georgia town--behind the state's most astonishing appellations. Cow Hell, Gum Pond, Boxankle and Lord a Mercy Cove? One town owes its name to a random sign that fell off a railcar, while another memorializes a broken bone suffered by a cockfight spectator. And just how many place names were inspired by insolent mules? Come on in to find out.

Cathy J. Kaemmerlen

Cathy Kaemmerlen is a professional actress, storyteller, playwright, author and historical interpreter, known for her variety of one-woman shows and characters. Through her own production company, Tattlingtales Productions, she created and currently performs, along with other actors she employs, more than thirty in-school curricular-designed programs with a social studies and language arts emphasis. A recent honor was performing her one-woman show about Rosalynn Carter for the former first lady and President Carter, the last performance being at the Rylander Theatre in Americus, Georgia. A Hambidge fellow for more than twenty years (where she writes many of her shows and books), she has now five published books, including three through The History Press/Arcadia Publishing. She lives in Kennesaw, Georgia, with her husband, Robert Gaare, and two cats, and she is the mother of three wonderful children and has three granddaughters, who are her greatest delight. Check her out at For more stories about her travels while researching this book, you can check out her blog at

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