This image is the cover for the book Rebirth: Adorable Man at Home, Volume 2

Rebirth: Adorable Man at Home, Volume 2

In his previous life, Ye Zi had died miserably and lived once again. Ye Zi had decided to take revenge, but now he had to think about how to live a good life with his grandfather, trying to make his grandfather proud as a straight-A student, and also save up the capital to fight back against his former enemies.

Ye Zi glanced at the golden thighs that were silently reaching over. He wasn't going to give them up. Was he ready to charge into the fray?

Tang Lingqiu opened her arms wide: "You little leaf, come and give it a try ~"

His golden fingers were thick and his golden thighs were as thick. In reality, this was a warm piece of modern rebirth script.

Bei FengChui, Lemon Novel