This image is the cover for the book The Spittle Spattle Bug

The Spittle Spattle Bug

Get yourself ready to hear the most wonderful story about an extraordinary, yet peculiar, bug!
Spittle is his name and Spattle is soon to be his fame.
One day very soon, he will have to save the day using his unique gift. At first, Spittle has a hard time making friends because all the other bugs think he is weird. Little do they realize the importance of Spittle's special ability. Watch and see as spittle gains the courage to rescue his soon-to-be friends. Some large creatures have decided to raid the quiet meadow that these bugs call home, and Spittle is the only one who can help them all to come out safe from harm. Adventure awaits as the reader feels more alive with the turn of each page.
Sit back and explore this colorful book, and get a chance to discover your very own courage and understanding that it is okay to be different.

Stephanie Sabatinelli

Stephanie Sabatinelli has been writing ever since her second grade teacher, Mrs. Gutterman, encouraged her to. Native to a small town in Massachusetts, she now calls Watsonville, California, her home. When not writing, she enjoys RV'ing, dirt biking, boating, and goofing off with her five loves: Tony, sweet Gianna Jean, and three rescue dogs, Ben, Cinnamon, and Tofu.