This image is the cover for the book Little Time

Little Time

In the vast expanse of rural America, a young teen named Yvonne discovers a kindred spirit, a boy who ignites a sense of connection and new emotions within her. As she treads the unfamiliar path of love for the very first time, Yvonne’s journey unfolds, guided by her naive curiosity and limited understanding of what love truly entails.

With each passing day, Yvonne transitions from the innocence of youth to the complexities of adulthood, riding an emotional roller coaster of exhilarating highs and devastating lows. However, as her chosen path becomes more intricate and disheartening, she begins to realize that her heart’s deepest desires remain unfulfilled. Time slips away, and with each passing moment, Yvonne desperately seeks solace and happiness, striving to mend her sorrows before it is too late.

Nona Nance

Nona Nance is a mother of four, grandmother of ten, and great-grandmother of five. She enjoys many activities with family such as boating, water and snow skiing and attending Street Rod Car Shows with her husband. 

Since raising her children and retiring from a career in accounting, she began practicing the art of quilt making and writing. Writing began as a therapy, recording memories, then after a creative writing class, wrote and completed a novel. 

Austin Macauley Publishers