This image is the cover for the book Sacred Slow

Sacred Slow

Tired of quick fixes and fast faith? The Sacred Slow is an invitation to unhurried honesty before God. If yesterday’s word was simple, tomorrow’s word will be slow.

Our culture is shifting from fast food to healthy food both physically and spiritually. Self-care, soul-care, life coaches, and spiritual retreats all show our dissatisfaction in quick fixes and fast faith. The Sacred Slow is an invitation to unhurried honesty before God.

Formatted as 52 experiences, The Sacred Slow reminds readers on every page that God never wanted to use them—He always wanted to love them. The overflow of Dr. Alicia Britt Chole’s more than thirty years as a spiritual mentor to leaders and learners as well as her personal, practical, and penetrating tone will guide you to a richer, more life-giving relationship with God.

Perfect for use as a devotional or in small groups, each chapter features:

A short, unexpected readingTwo options for application—a thought focus or a heart exerciseEncouragement to develop growing, sustainable intimacy with God

Whether you’re exhausted by emptiness or worn from weariness, you’ll discover healing and restoration in these pages. In this age of distraction, learn to slow down and reorient your life to learn, grow, and experience God as never before.

Alicia Britt Chole

An award-winning writer, Dr. Alicia Britt Chole’s messages address both head and heart and are often described as grace-filled surgeries. Alicia is a speaker, author, and leadership mentor who enjoys thunderstorms, jalapenos, and honest questions. To explore Alicia’s other books or learn more about her ministry, visit