This image is the cover for the book Ex-wife's Revenge, Volume 3

Ex-wife's Revenge, Volume 3

An ambiguous message led her into the abyss. She had witnessed her father's death, her mother's mental disorder, the sudden death of her baby, and her husband, who had been married for three years, colluding with a third party to force her to die. Perhaps it was due to the pity of the heavens that her unwilling soul was reborn in the body of a novice celebrity. The moment she woke up, she found herself in deep crisis.

All her enemies from her previous life had gathered together, waiting to push her into hell! Jane swore that in this life, no matter how lowly and despicable one was, no matter how many people despised and cursed at him, those who owed her would not be able to escape! All the grudges she had against them — always to get them back! From then on, the C-list celebrity gradually became the rumored Queen of Gossip and the Heavenly Queen of Celebrity in the entertainment circle, blooming with a dazzling brilliance that no one could match. The male partners beside her were swapped one by one, even swearing that all the Wealthy Class families in the world would fall for her hand …

Zhan WangFei, Lemon Novel