This image is the cover for the book When The Sunlight Goes Dark

When The Sunlight Goes Dark

Bobby Clantinani’s most fervent dream was to become the heavyweight boxing champion of the world, but he only weighed one-hundred and fifty-four pounds. His father, Oran, expected big things from Bobby and he ruled his family like a tyrant. Oran’s biggest hope was his oldest son, Ted, who was a heavyweight contender heading for a championship bout.

While Ted is being lined up for a shot at one of the heavyweight crowns, Bobby is fighting on the second circuit, consisting of high school gymnasiums, rundown hotels, roller rink arenas, and junior college parking lots. Feeling alienated and alone, Bobby finds solace in the arms of Ted’s fiancé, Judith Tesch, a strikingly beautiful boxing groupie who Bobby adores and loves. He also finds a father figure in the form of Benny Bear, a seventy-four year old African American cut man who once fought as a welterweight.

Then tragedy hits when Ted is badly injured in the ring, and Oran disappears. Bobby finds himself caught up in the intractable darkness of professional boxing where a man can lose his soul, yet seek absolution in the power of the almighty dollar.

Oliver W. Tuthill Jr.

Oliver W. Tuthill Jr. is an author and journalist who has worked as a boxing publicist, columnist, and commentator. He was an official correspondent for Ring Magazine for
three decades. His writing has been published by Inside Sports, The Sporting News, Baseball Digest, Boxing Beat, and The New York Times. He has been featured as a
guest analyst on USA Today’s Tuesday Night Fights and as a boxing script writer on the NBC Today show. Tuthill lives in Portland, Oregon. This is his first novel.

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