This image is the cover for the book Little Book of Bridgerton

Little Book of Bridgerton

Go deeper into the world of the beloved Netflix show with this guide to Regency Era history, lingo, social rules, courtship tips, fashion facts, and more!

Full of quizzes, activities, and enlightening facts, this book tells you what you need to know to confidently flirt with fans, properly describe a gentleman, swoon in style, become the suavest rake in London, and successfully deliver a withering insult worthy of Lady Whistledown. Discover delicious details about love, courtship, and the intricate fashion and hairstyles of the Regency period, and so much more.

The Little Book of Bridgerton serves as your guide as you navigate through the complicated hierarchy of Regency society. Plunge into the scandals and culturally significant moments that marked this extraordinary era, learn the particulars of the art of Regency Era conversation, and be the most charming guest at any soiree. You’ll also find a checklist to see if you have a love match as electrifying as that of Daphne and the duke!

Charlotte Browne

Charlotte Browne is an author and writer and has worked as a journalist for a number of publications, including The Independent and Prima. She has written for a variety of organizations within the non-profit and charity sector, as well as adult and children’s books. She lives in South London.

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