This image is the cover for the book Why College Matters to God

Why College Matters to God

A trusted first-year text at Christian colleges and universities

Why College Matters to God is a brief, easy-to-read introduction to the unique purpose of a Christian college education. It has been widely used by Christian colleges and universities over the past decade because of its unsurpassed ability to be substantive yet accessible. The book draws on the insights of a wide range of Christian philosophers, theologians, historians, and scientists, but communicates key concepts in straightforward language that connects with a general audience. Brief enough to be paired with other texts, Why College Matters to God is an ideal introduction to the why and how of Christian learning for students, faculty, staff, and parents.

The third edition preserves the qualities of the previous editions along with updated illustrations and new material on important topics such as:

• Christian learning and the challenges of technology
• Christian vocation, career preparation, and the liberal arts
• Diversity and civility on campus
• The habits of the highly effective college student

Rick Ostrander

Rick Ostrander is an academic consultant and former vice president at the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities. He previously served as provost of Cornerstone University and dean of undergraduate studies at John Brown University, where he supervised the First-Year Seminar and the University Core Curriculum. He speaks and writes widely on Christian higher education and is the author of several publications.

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