This image is the cover for the book Three Times Reincarnation, Volume 1

Three Times Reincarnation, Volume 1

Five thousand years ago, the Xuan Hua Yuan Lord had disappeared without a trace in the Devil Realm war, and his whereabouts were unknown. Three thousand years ago, a Dragon Lady Ao Hua had appeared in the Cold Palace of the Dragon King of the West Sea.Three hundred years ago, the Immortal World's Crown Prince, Ao Hua, was struck by twelve bolts of heavenly lightning on the Immortal Execution Stage.And now, the 300-year-old Little Fishdemon, Qingyin, had gone to Kunlun to seek a master in cultivation.She had taken in a thousand year profound bird and a grey bunny as servants, received the favor of her fellow daoist friend Jing Yao, and became the beloved disciple of the Dragon Emperor's prince. However, because her soul was incomplete, she was unable to become an immortal …Frustrated, she descended the mountain and entered society, beginning her travels.The devil realm returned. The Demon Lord finally woke up after sleeping for thousands of years …

Qin Duoduo, Lemon Novel