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Reading in Vintage Postcards, Postcard History

In the mid-nineteenth century, a transportation industry developed in Reading that put the city on the map�and on the Monopoly board�forever. Founded in 1748 by William Penn�s sons Thomas and Richard, Reading experienced rapid growth throughout the nineteenth century as the Reading Railroad (the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad) breathed steam into the city�s industry. As the powerful railroads faded later, so did the city�s economy. In recent years, Reading has become known as the birthplace and capital of factory outlet shopping and the hub of newborn manufacturing, financial, and agricultural enterprises.

Charles J. Adams III

Charles J. Adams III has spent more than thirty years gathering postcards of this historic city. He has been behind the morning microphone at WEEU for more than two decades, is a travel writer and columnist for the Eagle-Times, and has written 24 best-selling books on ghosts, folklore, and legends. He has also served on the board of the Historical Society of Berks County, which will receive all royalties from the sale of Reading.

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