This image is the cover for the book The Man Who Bought a Kingdom

The Man Who Bought a Kingdom

Jesus is one of the world’s best-known historical figures, but how well do we know him as a boy and a man? What do we know of his parents? Was his father really a poverty-stricken carpenter and his mother a simple uneducated country girl? Who were his friends and associates? What was his true message and passion? How well did he relate to the women in his life and who was ‘the disciple that Jesus loved’? This story answers these questions and is based largely on the New Testament gospels, but with the addition of material from other sources. It contains elaborate dialogues and settings, body language and emotional content. His true message is brought to the forefront, and we see the beginning of the first church in Jerusalem. This is the Jesus story as you have never read it before! Revealing a man with incredible spiritual connection but in every other sense a real and masculine man. A man that you will want to know so much more intimately.

Barrie Thomson

Barrie has held many positions in his working life, from laboratory assistant to production chemist, then computer programmer (in 1960) with Boots Pure Drug Co., in England. Then chief programmer with Walls Ice-cream, lecturer on Unilever’s world-wide management education project, before joining ICL as a database and systems specialist. He moved to South Africa with his wife, Doreen and their children, Ian and Bridget, in 1975, and helped establish a software company, Compusons, before retiring from business life. Barrie then began producing puzzles and word games for newspapers and magazines; became a preacher with the Methodist Church and a writer of articles and stories. He currently lives with his wife in Jeffreys Bay on the South African East Coast.

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