This image is the cover for the book The Conceited Crown Princess, Volume 2

The Conceited Crown Princess, Volume 2

Once transmigrated, she became the trash + ugly girl that everyone ridiculed. Ugly girl? She touched her face, a trace of a charming smile curling up at the corner of her lips. "I don't think so …"

Trash? When did these two words become synonymous with my Evil Phoenix? Heh — Her cold eyes opened, and she spoke in a cold voice, "I shall return the humiliation that you have suffered one day for me to pay me back in your stead from now on …" Possessing one's soul, the world suddenly changed to cure the poison. Abandoning one's fiance, abusing trash of a girl and dominating cold man. Let's see how she can reverse the situation and shine in a foreign world!

Ling HuQianXie, Lemon Novel