This image is the cover for the book Spy Recruit

Spy Recruit

When summer arrives for fifteen-year-old Tobey Freeman, he looks forward to long days of laser tag and adventures on the bayou. However, an unexpected invitation into the world of espionage interrupts his plans. Soon secrecy and suspense replace his carefree days, and he must make some difficult decisions in order to protect his friends and family.

One day while playing video games, an undercover agent from the Central Intelligence Adolescent Agency offers Tobey the chance to compete for an opening. Tobey accepts the challenge and envisions himself as a daring agent, until he discovers that his best friends are vying for the very same spot. While Tobey sets out on assignments with his fellow recruits, he realizes that his friendships are more important than the missions. Knowing they are stronger together than individually, the group works as a team to untangle the web of secrets and stays one step ahead of the CIAA.

Through a series of surprising twists and turns, readers follow Tobey on his intriguing missions and as he navigates through adolescence into adulthood. Along the way, he learns the importance of friends, family, teamwork, and making moral choices. With original illustrations from Bethany Simmons, this thrilling book interlaces the everyday occurrences experienced during adolescence with thrilling suspense.

Erin Osborne, Bethany Simmons

Erin Osborne is the creative director of children's ministry at East Bayou Baptist Church in Lafayette, Louisiana, where she writes and directs musicals. She earned her bachelor of arts in Latin American Studies. She has volunteered in Haiti, Honduras, and Guatemala, and her accolades include the Spirit of Community Award, Zonta International 2004 Young Women in Public Affairs Award, and Woodmen of the World Good Neighbor Citation. Osborne resides in Lafayette, Louisiana.

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