This image is the cover for the book Satan CEO’s Contract Bride, Volume 1

Satan CEO’s Contract Bride, Volume 1

Because of a contract, she became his bride, but deep in his heart, there was another woman…

To help her parents raise high medical bills, she had to sign a contract to marry a bossy CEO she had never met. Somehow, the CEO hates her guts.

Although in the eyes of others, she is the noble CEO's wife. But at home, she is required to be responsible for all housework like a maid. For the life of her parents, she is willing to endure such hardship. To her surprise, she even begins to fall in love with her satanic husband.

Until one day, she found out that all his hatred for her came from another woman…

☆About the Author☆

L Chong Ai S, an excellent online novelist, her novels are rich in plots, sincere and emotional, and are deeply loved by readers.

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