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Social Marketing Superstars

The internet arrived with a boom changing the landscape for business and opening up a global marketplace like nothing before.  The pace of change has been building with exponential momentum, the impact has hit, and the game has changed. Businesses all over the world are asking two big questions. How do we adapt while protecting our brand, assets & Intellectual Property? How do we incorporate the new technologies, mobility and social media into our business? Cydney O’Sullivan has spent the last decade working with business owners grappling with the challenges of taking their business online. She knew there had to be a better way, and sought out the success stories. Cydney interviews 30 forward thinking CEO’s and entrepreneurs who have built large, profitable communities using the technologies and networks we’ve all been grappling with like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, eCommerce and Loyalty Programs. Learn how these seasoned entrepreneurs from around the world have adapted and applied technologies to become experts in their fields; many have created profits faster, more efficiently and more predictably than ever before in their businesses, as you answer these questions for your own business. What IS Social Marketing? Where does it fit in our business? How do we protect our Brand and Intellectual Property? How can we prepare our business for the future? With their success, for most of these entrepreneurs comes the opportunity to share this wealth of knowledge and experience to create a positive impact with their influence. This is the flame that fuels their entrepreneurial spirit beyond the quest for financial success alone.

Cydney O'Sullivan, Jay Conrad Levinson

Cydney O'Sullivan, has been building businesses for over 30 years. During this time she has partnered on many projects with other successful entrepreneurs. As an enthusiastic Business Founder, Real Estate Investor and Stock Market Investor she has made millions and made mistakes, often from taking direction from expensive advisors. This gives her a unique insider position, as a caring mentor, to assist others in making the required steps toward their own Cydney has been featured in the Financial Review Sunday magazine, The Australian, and Sydney Morning Herald newspapers.

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