This image is the cover for the book One Moonlit Night

One Moonlit Night

This autobiographical coming of age classic offers a “visceral, comic and tragic” portrait of rural life in Wales during the Great War (The Guardian, UK).

Named the greatest Welsh novel by the Wales Arts Review, this beautifully rendered novel tells of a boy's hardscrabble life in rural Wales and his challenging—yet at times transcendent—journey into adulthood. In the 1910s, the village of Bethesda is a place of poverty and religion; illness and hard labor. But by the light of a full moon our narrator and his friends Huw and Moi witness a side to their Welsh village life that they had no idea existed, and their innocence is exchanged for the shocking reality of the adult world.
“A remarkable book that recalls Under Milk Wood,” One Moonlit Night is one of Britain's most significant and brilliant pieces of fiction, a lost contemporary classic that deserves rediscovery (Times Literary Supplement).

This edition of One Moonlit Night, “translated by Philip Mitchell in prose which miraculously conveys the incantatory biblical and Celtic cadences of the original,” includes a foreword by Niall Griffiths and an afterword by Jan Morris (The Guardian, UK).

Caradog Prichard, Niall Griffiths, Jan Morris, Philip Mitchell

Caradog Prichard (1904-1980) became a sub-editor on the foreign desk at the Daily Telegraph after World  War II. During this time he wrote four prize-winning odes and this exceptional novel.