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Your Whisky Journey

Interested in whisky?
An endless journey of fun and intrigue.
Here is a guide to help you navigate the road ahead. Filled with ideas, facts and advice based on the experience of running whisky tasting events over a number of years. Essentially a selection of the questions the author has been asked at these events and the responses (as far as he could remember), along with some humour and interesting facts. There are some useful tips and advice on how to best enjoy your whisky experience and get to the heart, soul and spirit of the spirit.
This will give you a head start in understanding more of a complex, varied and unique spirit. One with a rich history which continues to evolve in some interesting directions and as you explore further will always surprise and delight.
Slow down, take your time and let the whisky do the talking, and above all have a safe journey!

Stephen Swinney

Stephen Swinney's whisky journey continues onward, but has its roots many decades ago when variety and budget provided only limited choice. Over the years, he has built up an extensive understanding of both the whisky industry and its products. Having lived in Warsaw, Poland, for the past 26 years, he has seen a transformation in the acceptance and development of whisky in what still is a wódka-dominated market. He facilitated the introduction of The Scotch Malt Whisky Society to Poland; this was to provide the backcloth for him to use his creative and presentational abilities to host regular tasting events. The Society has a wonderful saying that he believes could be a single guiding principle for the appreciation of fine spirits – “Not for swigging, glugging or knocking back.” REMEMBER. “WHISKY DON’T MAKE LIVES, IT JUST MAKES FOOLS.” JAMES MCMURTRY REMEMBER. “WHISKY DON’T MAKE LIVES, IT JUST MAKES FOOLS.” JAMES MCMURTRY

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