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Empowered Child

The Empowered Child is a valuable resource for conscious moms who are frustrated by a child who won't follow directions and are looking for a better way.

Ever feel bad for losing control and screaming, only to contend with the guilt of being mean and the madness of a child who still won't listen? After working with moms who wished life as a parent wasn’t so stressful, Mary Tan shows moms how to raise a child while staying cool, calm, and collected so they can be the moms they've always wanted to be: patient, loving, and in control.

The Empowered Child is an eye-opening guide detailing the way out of parenting stress, so moms can take their power back without losing their cool. It reveals how to effectively coach children through life’s challenges with greater ease and confidence, including the Empower Method, which takes a wholistic approach to helping moms deal with a child that is hypersensitive yet strong-willed. Ultimately, moms regain their confidence and truly enjoy being a mom again!

Mary Tan

Mary Tan is the founder of the Light Warrior School for children and a radio personality on the Mary Tan Show at KHTS With over a decade of speaking and training experience, she is passionate about empowering moms to coach their sensitive yet strong-willed children through life’s challenges with greater ease and confidence. Mary graduated from New York University with a degree in Psychology and is a certified Neurolinguistics Programming Life Coach through the Christopher Howard Training program. She lives in Santa Clarita, California, with her incredible husband and two little girls.

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